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Hello! This session is a gift from me to you.  It gives you an opportunity for you to learn more about how  Relationship Coaching can benefit your, and for us to see if it is a good fit. 

My job is to provide a safe and BOLD space of unconditional acceptance,while reflecting your inner wisdom. You will gain clarity and a deeper level of Self Love.   

More info:

Please come to this session with an open and relaxed mind.  I invite you to share a  "Relationship challenge" that you would like more clarity on.   I will listen deeply, reflect back your greatness, and invite you to set a powerful Intention.  I will challenge you to take action item that will get you closer to where you want to be.  The goal is to deepen the awareness, and magnetize your actions.  

I am excited to meet you!

In love, Staci ‚Äč


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More about Transformational Coaching with me

Are you ready to recieve a deeper level of support?  

Imagine a resourced and magical person who believes that you can do anything and will assist you in getting there...

A Coaching Partnership is focused on your success, and you Being who you ar meant to be in this world.  I will challenge you to discover, articulate, and live the experiences you most want out of life.   AND show you how to really RAISE your VIBE!

A coaching partnership with me EMPOWERS you to: 

*Gain Clarity

*Release limited patterning 

*Build Receptivity 

* Trust your Body 

*Create an Intentional vision for your life and relationships

*Take Powerful & Magnetic Actions

*Celebrating your Awesomeness and have fun!


Coaching is a transformational journey available to you when you are ready to stop settling for less, commit to yourself 100%, and go after the kind of life and relationships you are yearning to create!  ***I customize my 1:1 coaching options to best fit your needs, with a 3-session minimum.