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* Relationship Coaching for Singles 

*Authentic Relating Circles  *group Meditation training 

How can Coaching help me manifest my dreams?

Relationship Coaching is about Self Inquiry, Self Discovery and Self Realization.  Staci asks questions like:

*How Compassionate are you towards your Self ? *How present are you?  *What is your heart's desire?

Coaching is a gift to your Self, that provides time and space to gain clarity on:

• Who you are   • Where you are • What you want

A coaching partnership is a relationship totally focused on you, your dreams, passions and commitment to your heart's desires. Together we create a success partnership that challenges you to discover, articulate, and be your authentic Self experiencing more Joy in the present moment.  Staci is there to ask questions, listen deeply, reflect, and hold you accountable, while supporting your unique journey with compassion and unconditional acceptance.

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Imagine someone who believes that you can do anything and will assist you in getting there.

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Online Coaching Sessions are designed to support inner peace an​d authentic connection to Self. 

(Staci offers customized coaching options to best fit your current needs, with a 3-session minimum.)

In each session we free up energy to move you towards your dreams, and passions with a deeper commitment to your heart's desires. Customized Coaching with me supports you in developing your "Avatar" highest Self, while transforming limiting beliefs into limitless possibilities. Together we change stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Our time together provides you an opportunity to take inventory of your current life, imagine, and create a life that you LOVE while attracting the love of your life! 

Relationship Coaching will  help you in:  

*Developing higher levels of Self Compassion

*Creating your authentic life, filled with purpose and magical relationships

*Getting more in touch with your inner GPS/your body

* Gaining clarity on how your vision looks and feels, while being inspired and energized by your future.

*Increasing your level of magnetism that draws higher vibe relationships, opportunities and creativity to you magically.

What my clients are saying: 

Staci supported me in becoming "The One" responsible for providing myself the undivided attention, deep listening, and the warm compassionate space that I craved, and unconsciously expected men to give me.  She helped identify & speak my feelings, validate my heart's longings, and give them room to grow.  Now I find the more I nourish and treat my self as PRECIOUS, the more I feel peaceful, and complete.  Thank you Staci, for helping me embody & step into my true Power and Beauty! 

Breanna M. , New York City