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* Relationship Coaching for Singles 

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"Shakti Tribe is social benefit community focused on Equality, Compassion, Wisdom and authentic Connections."  Staci Weller  

"Shakti Tribe" with Staci Weller offers:

*Online Meditation & Manifesting Circles

*1:1 and Group Coaching

*Authentic Relating Circles 


Hi, I am Staci 

My passion is to nurture self love and supportive  relationships via life coaching, meditation & manifesting practices.  

Thanks for visiting! We are a Singles "Saced Embodiment" Community passionate about supporting you in cultivating authentic passion, purpose, and partnerships.  I offer Relationship Coaching, online mindfulness trainings, and live Singles events for your awakening journey.  We are social change community here to lead with love into a New World based in much needed heart based Compassion , Wisdom and most of all LOVE!   My Western Coaching meets Eastern wacky "NonDuel Tantrica" approach is inspired by my Enlightened lineage that includes Rishis, Rinpoches, as well as Enlightened Women in Vedic and Tibetian Buddhist traditions.  I have been a Tantric Practitioner and Relationship Coach for over 25 years.  I attracted my Spiritual Teacher and amazing husband of 22 years, using the Tantric practices I share with my Tribe.  I hope to meet you soon!

All for LOVE,


What our community members are saying:

Staci is an amazing soul, who has supported me in realizing that the love I seek is already within me.  Her transformational coaching has helped me get in touch with my true super powers, and manifest in all areas of my life on a higher level-you rock!❤️

Laura C